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Seven Things to do in Beautiful Brussels

Brussels is a great city with so many different styles of architecture and things to do. In less than two days, I had the chance to see lots in the capital of the European Union. Here’s a look at 7 of my favorites.

See unique street art
Along with visiting markets, seeing street art is one of my favorite things to do in a city, so I absolutely loved the Comic Book Route. There are more than 50 murals in Brussels that pay tribute to its comic book heritage. You can almost make a game out to seeing how many of these cool pieces you can find.

Have a sense of humor at Manneken Pis
Further proof that Brussels has a sense of humor…the Manneken Pis statue is a 2-foot-tall peeing boy, and it’s one of the most popular attractions in Brussels. It’s weird, but absolutely everyone comes here at all hours of the day. Interestingly, the statue is actually historic—it was made in 1619, though various versions have been stolen a lot since then.

Taste at a famous brewery
Cantillon Brewery is a great place for beer lovers. Founded in 1900, Cantillon makes lambic beer, which is brewed with spontaneous fermentation. A visit to the Cantillon Brewery is self-guided and takes about 45 minutes. You can see all areas of production in the old brewery, and then you can try some of the beers, including gueuze and kriek (sour cherry) beers.

A stop on the comic book route in Brussels, Belgium

Visit Grand Place
Grand Place is Brussels’ central square and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The beautiful buildings on all sides are as old as 350 years old. They are all gorgeous and very ornate, and some seem to be covered with gilding. This is a great place to spend some time on any trip to Brussels.

Learn about history at the Parlamentarium
Brussels is the home of the European Parliament, and its visitor’s center here is the Parlamentarium. There’s a cool multi-media exhibit that talks about life during World War I and World War II and the reasons for setting up the EU in the first place, like improving trade and creating better alliances. Definitely a place that helps you understand current politics better, and it’s interesting even if you don’t love politics.

Hang out at Place Sainte-Catherine
Place Sainte-Catherine is a fun neighborhood with restaurants, a market, and a pretty church. There are lots of places to try good seafood. You can also visit the food and flower market here, which I loved (obviously). The church here is very new as far as European churches go (built in 1874), but it echoes architecture of much older buildings.

Visit a museum
There are tone of great museums to visit in Brussels. There’s the Magritte Museum that showcases his work, the Old Masters Museum, and the Modern Museum. You can even see a whole museum dedicated to musical instruments. Very cool!

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