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Foods I Fell in Love With in Mexico

It’s no big secret that Mexicans love food, especially their own. Even so, it’s only when we set foot in Mexico that we realized how strong their relationship with food is. I love trying traditional food, and like on my recent trip to Brussels, I indulged in Mexico. From the outset, I have to confess that I have always fancied a hearty Mexican meal. Sure, I have ordered meals from my local Mexican restaurant a few times, but I’ve always wanted to get the first-hand feel. That’s why I spent a whole week eating my way through Mexico. And, I must admit, my taste buds made an even lovelier journey than I did.
Without further dilly-dallying, here are some of the foods I loved most in Mexico.

Tacos in Mexico are a thing of beauty. Even they come in two tortillas! The good thing is that there are numerous taco stands in most Mexican cities, with El Paisa in Guanajuato a must try. You’ll be glad to know that these taco stands offer you an array of savory meats, from pulled pork, carne asada to chorizo and everything in between. Mexico’s tacos typically come in a set of 3, topped with onion, cilantro and a squirt of lime.

Mexico tacos come in endless variations. A newbie might want to try taco dorados, but ardent taco lovers can add lengua (cow tongue), tripa or sesos (cow brains) in them. And, best believe me–they are tender and quite delicious.

When it comes to Mexican street food, tamales are certainly the best. They are whipped up using corn-based dough and topped with diverse fillings, ranging from sweet strawberries to savory mole. They are wrapped in either corn husks or banana leaves. Try these Mexican finger-licking dishes from a choice of restaurants and street stands.

Oh, quesadillas – the king of Mexican food. If you love how melted cheese tickles your taste buds like I do, then quesadillas are your best shot at Mexican food. A bigger, tastier, and toastier cousin of taco, a quesadilla is made of a tortilla filled with cheese and topping of your choice.

Pozole is Mexico’s top-notch soup, definitely the best you’ll ever taste. For the best-tasting pozole, hominy is slowly cooked in broth with either chicken or pork or both (mixto). And the best part–the soup brings together an array of Mexico’s best condiments.

When in Mexico, ditch traditional bread sandwiches for tortas, sandwiches served in bolillos (oval-shaped buns). Take it up a notch with sizzling fillings, including a choice of chicken, ham, milanesa, and vegetable toppings such as tomato, lettuce and avocado. Most street stands and restaurants offer some sauces to go with your tortas. Besides, you can find them in most street markets and trucks. It’s certainly the best Mexican food to enjoy on the go.

Quesadilla on plate

Can you imagine Mexican food without tortillas? That’s right, tortillas are ubiquitous in Mexican cuisine. Made using either flour or corn, tortillas are unleavened flatbread available from myriad tortillerias in Mexico. Of more importance, however, is that most Mexican food stands make their tortillas by hand ensuring that they are thick and tasty. In Mexican regions where blue corn is popular, the tortillas will bear a deep purple color. Those made with yellow corn, however, are rather yellowish.

Tostada is perhaps the best Mexican food made with hard-crust tortillas; it’s typically filled with meat, lettuce, beans, cheese, avocado, and cream. Yummy, right?

Chilaquiles are a must try for breakfast. Corn tortillas are chopped into triangles or strips and deep fried until crispy. Each Chilaquile is served in either green or red salsa with an option of fried egg or shredded chicken fillings. Toppings for Chilaquiles are usually queso fresco or sour cream.

Much like chilaquiles, enchiladas are a Mexican savory delicacy made with corn tortillas and stuffed with any fillings of your choice, from veggies to chicken. On the other side, enchiladas are folded over (or rolled) and baked in green or red sauce. It’s topped with onion, cheese, and cream for an unforgettable taste. It’s also important to know that enchiladas are typically spicy.

Mexican gorditas come in a variety of sizes, ingredients, and flavors, but all are quite delicious. They are some sort of mini pancakes, and you can fill them with syrup or jam of your choice.

Huaraches are Mexican dishes in the family of sopes but are kind of like a flatbread. Made with masa base, huaraches are topped with salsa and your favorite meats (I always go for shredded chicken). They are quite popular in Mexico City and other northern provinces.

These are just a few fabulous foods to try in Mexico. With other sizzling dishes like sopes, tlayuda, chiles en nogada, and so much more, you’re poised to have an unforgettable time in Mexico. Arribaa!

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