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Coming to Terms with Drumpf’s Rhetoric

I try not to get political here. But the reality is that the last week has been very difficult for me and for good people and people of color across the country. The celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day yesterday just highlighted even more the divisions currently present across the US.

Last week, the Cheeto in Chief called African countries “shitholes,” or I suppose “shithouses,” depending on which person you listen to. He suggested that we don’t need more Africans and Haitians but instead should be attracting more people from Norway. These assertions are completely contrary to the principles America was founded on and fly in the face of the things most good people believe. And yet, they came quite unabashedly from the President of the United States.

My ancestors came from those shithole countries, not of their own choosing. Today, many people arriving from those countries in the US are doing so because their homes are war torn, because there are no job prospects, and because not too means no opportunity or sometimes even certain death. Many coming from those countries know that they’re doing so to a place where language like shithole is not only tolerated but praised by people of certain political persuasions and ideologies. I struggle for words, so I settle on “sickening.”

Using names like this is not only completely wrong and untrue (immigrants, on the whole, are among the very hardest working people), it continues to deepen the chasm in America. Trump didn’t start it, but it’s only gotten vastly worse over the course of the last year. He proclaims he’s not a racist while talking about “shitholes” and “very fine people on both sides.” It’s laughable. And then he spent MLK Day playing golf. It figures.

My family and I spent MLK Day like much of the country, in service to others. We volunteered at a local food pantry compiling baskets for families in need. We cleaned up shelves, sorted donations, and reflected on helping other and the things we have to be grateful for. I cannot control this horrible person in office or those who proclaim hate, but I can control how my family and I spend our time. We will continue to do everything possible to make our lovely community a better place and to speak out against injustice everywhere. And, in the meantime, we’ll place our hope in Robert Mueller.

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