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Foods I Fell in Love With in Mexico

It’s no big secret that Mexicans love food, especially their own. Even so, it’s only when we set foot in Mexico that we realized how strong their relationship with food is. I love trying traditional food, and like on my recent trip to Brussels, I indulged in Mexico. From the outset, I have to confess that I have always fancied a hearty Mexican meal. Sure, I have ordered meals from my local Mexican restaurant a few...

Five Appliances That Make Life Easier

In hopes of saving time around the house, I’ve been adopting a few new “life hacks.”

Seven Things to do in Beautiful Brussels

Brussels is a great city with so many different styles of architecture and things to do. In less than two days, I had the chance to see lots in the capital of the European Union.

Building Friendships in Our Community Garden

It might seem a little bit strange to help a neighbor weed and deal with potato beetles, but we love it. There’s something so therapeutic about being outside among lovely growing things.

Hearty and Filling Slow Cooker Potato Bacon Chowder

This is our go-to recipe for apple picking day (and plenty of others throughout the fall and winter). It makes a great dish on its own or pairs perfectly with a sandwich.

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