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A brief introduction: I’m Sharon. I have two sons, a husband, and a golden retriever named Jack. I work from home in a community that I love, but it’s taken me a long time to feel settled.

Growing up in the suburbs, I was taught to appreciate the beauty of the city. As soon as I had the chance, I ran for the city. The BIG city, in fact — New York. Over the years, I also lived in Philadelphia and other large cities along the East Cost. But the high cost of living, lack of community, and desire to have the flexibility of a car ultimately prompted me to return to the suburbs. It was a comfortable life, but I still yearned for city life. Eventually, I gave up the car and headed back downtown. What prompted me to return? The new urbanism movement.

The term “new urbanism” isn’t widely known. And, honestly, that just makes me sad. New urbanism is the idea of developing or re-developing pedestrian-friendly communities where people want to live, work, spend time outside, and enjoy. The communities are eco-friendly, business-friendly, and conducive to an enjoyable living space.

“New urban” communities are homey. They have town squares, pedestrian zones, shopping, and community areas where people want to spend time. There are attractive homes and condos with porches and sidewalks to encourage community so that people actually want to live and work in the same place–so that they feel a love for where they are. There are also restaurants, shops, and other businesses where people want to spend time.

New urban advocates want:
*A community that supports employment for its residents
*A green lifestyle, including everything from eco-friendly buildings to transportation areas for community gardens and CSAs
*Quality architecture and neighborhood structure
*A community that celebrates culture and social interactions that build camaraderie
*A good quality of life based heavily on the above

When I’m not focusing on my community, I’m probably with my boys or traveling. It’s a big world out there!

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